Friday, April 23, 2010

Gardens are in!

Dry, breezy, 60s, sunny.
A spectacular day, perfect for heavy lifting and putting in the gardens.

We finished filling the driveway gardens, and all plants are in.  I moved the witch hazel 'Diane' from the dry creek bed to the new garden beside the driveway.

I thought it would be such a hard job, but it dug up easily.  The root system was pretty sparse, which might explain its lack of vigor in blooming.  I hope it does better in the loose, well draining soil of the new garden.

The beds are planted, mulched, I added stepping stones to the driveway extension bed.

Also planted the clematis Bees Jubilee next to the stand for the hummingbird feeder at the edge of the patio.

Geums are blooming!

Everything is so far ahead of schedule this year... it looks like mid May!