Saturday, April 24, 2010

Moving Dirt

Another warm summery day.... still in April!  Everything looks like early June, all leafed out, it's amazing.

A few holdouts are still on April time, and it looks weird to see them dormant while all else is so lush and green.  The Rose of Sharon is always late, and the clethra is still brown. Winterberry hollies just have small leaves.  The ornamental grasses are barely up yet.  Gaura shows absolutely no sign of any green at all... Gwen's are the same way, but I'll wait.

I think I lost all the crocosmia.  All of it.  The Lucifer and the yellow one too.

Today I put cardboard down to smother the grass on the far side of the dry creek bed.  Then topped with soil and made a berm on that side.  I'll put the aruncus there.

Moved more dirt around, filling spots in gardens and around the patio. There's still about 2 yards left, if not more.  I offered some to Olmsteads and they took several wheelbarrowfuls.

Sowed the cosmos seeds today!

Moved the zenobia from the Birch garden to the edge of the patio where I can see it up close.  It looks like it's struggling... also late to leaf out, and not much of a root system when I dug it up.