Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Return of the Tulips

A little cloudy, a little sunny, pretty nice today, in the 60s.
  • Fertilized today.  Spread some granular  6-6-4, a light dusting, in all the gardens.
  • Watered the buckeyes.
All of the Queen of Night and White Triumphator tulips came back up!  The white are opening first, then the dark purple.

I didn't do any work on cutting the new garden beds today, although they still need some expanding.  Needed a break, and there's no dirt available to do the planting anyway.

Instead, I planted the blue junipers under the far birch (took out the deer magnet hostas).  Also planted the two new kinnikinnik plants in front.

Divided a few tiarella, split one of the Miss Manners physostegia, transplanted what I think are tiny nepeta seedlings next to my cement bench... we'll see if they can take the dry under the birch.

Thought about dividing the two astilbe, but I think I'll let them go one more year.  They're really big and full, coming up great.  I don't really have a good shady place for any divisions.

Planted the little volunteer tuliptree seedling that I wintered over in a pot.  I put it out in the back meadow.