Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring is coming on too fast

Sunny and cool. breezy.

The wild cherry at the edge of the road on the back hill is in bloom.
Is the bayberry supposed to green up very late?  Everything is way ahead of schedule due to the record warmth last week, but the bayberry is still brown.  Is a late emerger? Or did it die over the winter?
Other plants that I know are late emergers: the winterberry hollies next to the bayberry.  Amsonia, Rose of Sharon, and all the birches are late.

Already getting ready to bloom now in mid April: the geums have opening buds, the doublefile viburnum is budding, the blueberries have little flowers, as does the kinnikinnik.  The tiarella are ready to be divided, they have almost open blooms.  The Deutzia gracilis is almost ready to open.  So early this year!

I did more digging and shaping the driveway garden.  Still more to do, but with no idea when I'll ever get a delivery of planting dirt, there's no hurry.  No word from Bluestone, and they probably can't even get to it until next weekend now, if at all.  I hate trying to do a project without the needed materials.  I know it's only mid April, but I want to get this done.  The magnolia is blooming, I really wanted to plant these trees when they were dormant.  Grrrr.

Isn't the new spirea Ogon a charmer?