Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ninety degrees today and humid.  This is unbelievable.  Too hot to do much.

I did move all the sedum kamschaticum to the front of the Medow's Edge and I really like the pop of yellow color and the curvy mounded forms.  Later, when they are no longer blooming, they will be nice green mounds, breaking up the scraggly looking liriope.

In place of the sedum, I put in two carpet roses, which have bright red blooms and should keep blooming all summer.  Nice jolt of red.  These will be low, and wider than tall.  I miss the mounded green foliage of the sedums spilling over the walk, but I hope the groundcover roses will do the trick.

I watered today --- everything that was newly planted, including the oak and two maples I put on the hill.  So hot and uncomfortable.  But we haven't had any rain for a while.