Monday, May 24, 2010

Birch Garden looks great

Too hot and humid.  It's only May.  This is really putting a crimp in my schedule... it has been so summer-like that I can't get much done in the garden.  Another sticky day, in the 80s.  By late afternoon a breeze kicked in and the clouds dispersed, much nicer.

I still need to move what's left of the dirt pile from the top of the driveway.  Too hot.

I want to move these sedum kamtschaticum to the back garden (Meadow's Edge) where the yellow orange will go better (maybe replace the struggling liriope at the front edge).  Too hot.  Here in Northern Exposure they bloom when the weigela does, and I don't like the contrast.  I got some scarlet groundcover roses to go here instead.

The Birch Garden is looking spectacular, except for the hole on the left front where the gaura was.

I like the soft purple nepeta in front of the deep purple salvia, and the pink snapdragons and pink mallow Zebrina in front.  The mallow is crowding out the gas plant, which is looking a little better this year (slow to establish).

Best view is from the bathroom window!

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