Monday, May 3, 2010

No Rain

Stormy, hot and sticky, but it finally broke late in the day, down to the 70s.  But we got no rain from all the storms passing through.  Less than one tenth of an inch.

I feel so out of sorts ... had wanted to get more done, move more dirt, add more fill and cut more edges in all the gardens before summer.  And put in herbs, and some additional perennials. Divide some.  But summer is already here, and it's too hot to do much.  I know the temps will get more reasonable, but I have the mid-summer feeling now in spades!  And I don't want to do much heavy work in the yard.  I feel like I really missed spring.

The aronia look so much bloomier than any other year... lovely.  And the doublefile viburnum is going great.  Tulips are now gone.

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