Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cloisters today

80, sunny, breezy, beautiful day.  Took the day off and went to northern Manhattan, to the Cloisters.
Great trip.  Saw a venerable old corneliancherry dogwood... will the one I planted by the driveway look like this?

I loved the interesting gnarly twisted quinces in the herb / food garden.  Their bark was all mottled.  I later read up on making quince jellies and paste.  These are not the Japanese quince bushes, these are Cydonia oblonga:
Yesterday I planted a pretty purple alyssum around the blueberries where there is an empty spot (the gaura didn't come back).  I still love gaura, but this is the third time I've had failures with it coming back after winter, try it in pots maybe?

Almost all the crocosmia failed to come back.  Only one has any shoots at all.

The four Rosebay rhododendrons that I want to plant in the "saddle" depression up at the edge of Wadhams Road arrived today.  Poorly packed (from Rarefinds). one has its stem completely snapped off.  Now I need to get the dirt up there to build up some planting areas.   Also got a Goatsbeard, Aruncus dioecious, from Rarefinds, which looks good.

Camassias are blooming.  I really like them with the orange geum, and the whole right side of the Meadows Edge garden is now more to my liking.

And tiarella are blooming in an increasing drift:

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