Friday, May 7, 2010

Two more cartloads

A little cooler today, sunny, breezy, in the 70s.  The first 6 days of May all hit 80 degrees or more.

I took two more cartloads of soil up to the top of the hill, that's 16 bucketfuls in total.  I planted 3 of the rhododendrons, covered them up with leaves, and we'll see how they do in that deep shade.  The fourth rhododendron looks like it has a snapped stem, but the roots might recover.  I'll keep it potted maybe till next year.

Jim and I removed half of the remaining pile of dirt and put it behind the spruce berm, on a tarp, and covered by another tarp.  There's still a small pile in the driveway!

I planted the 5 mums, Chrysanthemum rubellum Sheffield's Pink.... 3 in the new extension garden at the top of the driveway, and two in the new garden alongside the driveway.  The rubellums can be floppy, so be sure to pinch them.

Pinch mums in late May or June when shoots are 6 inches tall.  Pinch again when 6 inches tall.  Continue pinching until July 4.  

Or,  for the simple version, wait until mid June and then cut plant back by half, cutting just above a leaf node where the leaves join the stem.  This will reduce staking.

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