Thursday, May 6, 2010

Two cartloads

80s again.  Sunny, breezy.  Just beautiful, except we need rain, and I need to get some stuff done in the yard when it's not so hot!

Nevertheless, I loaded up two cartloads on the John Deere and drove out into the meadow and hauled the dirt up into the woods where I want to plant the rhododendrons.  I have obsessed all spring about getting this done.  Hard work.  I use 4 buckets... they don't hold much, but I have to schlep them up that steep hill one at a time.  So, two tractor loads, 4 buckets each... I now have 8 buckets of dirt up there to plant in.  Maybe tomorrow I can get 3 loads done.   The idea is to smother the weeds and vines on the floor of the woods, get these rosebays planted in the fresh dirt, and then let them go.

Planted the aruncus behind the dry creek bed.

Divided a few of the Epimedium Frohenleiten under the dogwood.  I want them to spread.. can't find any more of this variety, although nurseries have lots of other epimediums (planted alpinum Rubrum under the maple in Meadow's Edge.

I am not liking the liriope in front of Meadow's Edge... many didn't come back and the ones that are coming in still look ratty and are struggling a little.  Might rethink the idea of an edge of liriope, and just have a few specimens, but not a row.

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