Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Garden Chores

Cloudy and gray today, quite cool for a change, in the low 60s, with rain coming.

Changed the hummingbird feeders today.

Deadheaded all of the May Night salvia, and the garden looks a lot neater now.  Moved the remaining Monarda bee balm from the Birch Garden where it was hidden in the middle, to the edge of the dry creek bed.

Ordered 16 plants from LazyS, they were having a sale if you bought enough to fill one large box (16 quart plants).  Got Kent's Beauty oregano to fill the rosemary pot, I really like the way it looks.

Also got a new hydrangea serrata, quite small, called Preziosa, and it has very red blooms!  That will go in the hole in the Birch Garden left by my missing Whirling Butterflies gaura.

Ordered two more zenobias to plant en masse with the other one around the sourwood.

Got several Rhus aromatica, low growing sumac that should act as a groundcover under the birch trees or in the back of the Birch Garden... fillers, groundcovers, with good foliage and great fall color.
From Fine Gardening
2 feet tall and up to 8 feet wide.  Small yellow flowers in midspring and gorgeous orange-red leaves in fall. Though it has an open, branching habit, weed growth is not  a problem.  For the best fall color, grow  in full sun—though plants are tolerant of partial shade. 

‘Gro-low’ needs plenty of room to spread out. But if its vigorous growth gets out of hand or it becomes untidy, cut it back hard in the spring. 

---Yikes...  I have three planted along the back edge of the Birch Garden way too close together.  Next spring move the middle one!

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