Monday, June 14, 2010

June Gloom

For days it's been gray, overcast, rainy and gloomy.  70s, sometimes cooler, but heavy wet feeling.

Bartlett came Friday and showed me the spruce by the front door had pine weevil.
The solution was to cut off the leader and wait for a new leader to develop.  I later found that one of the Norway spruces on the back hill also had curvy top branches, so I cut that back... hated to do it to such a little tree.

Strawberries are not producing and the leaves look bug eaten.. Not slugs, though.  I put beer out overnight near them, and nothing.  I repotted them into plastic bowls.  I think the problem with no fruit is that I overwatered during flowering (hard not to do in the strawberry jars).  Not sure what's eating the leaves.
Also something (rabbits) is eating the Japanese forest grass, Hakonechloa.  All three by the front door are gone, and one on the west walk is chomped.

Yesterday I fertilized the buckeyes.  They were looking yellow like they did last year.  They're putting on good growth.

I spread lime under the redbuds... the new little variegated one, the Oklahoma redbud, and the unknown one out in the back meadow.  That one is really leaping to life this year with lots of new leaves and growth, but still had no flowers this spring.  Will it ever?

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