Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Heat stress

Expected to reach 100 today.  Humid.  Miserable.  Bright sunshine. 

Although we got 3 inches of rain in June, it was in the first two weeks.  Since June 14, 22 days, we have had only half an inch, back on June 23, two weeks ago.  The storms that passed through in the last half of June brought no rain... under 2 tenths of an inch.  June had some windy days too.  And now there has been nothing but dry sunshine since the start of July.

It's heat stress and dryness that is really hurting the birches.  The front one looks the worst.

And the River Birch out in the meadow is pretty well gone.  Not just yellowed leaves, but brown and crispy dead leaves.

The volunteer ash tree in the meadow, which has been growing by leaps, is showing crispiness too.

Even the tough as nails milkweeds in the meadow are dry and shriveled.

I've been watering the gardens and the new plants and trees pretty well, but I can't get all the stuff in the meadow or on the back hill.  The grass in the lawn looks terrible, even though Jim has been sprinkling.

After such a warm unusual spring, everything was ahead of schedule and looking so good.  Now, not so much.

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