Friday, July 2, 2010

July 4 weekend

The temperatures have turned almost chilly!  Dry, breezy, sunny, and in the 50s at night, 70s in the daytime!  We need rain very badly.  The various storms last week missed us, and we haven't had a good rain since just under half an inch a full week ago (got barely 2 tenths of an inch in between).  Everyone's lawn, ours included, looks dry and brown, like August.

I've been watering all the new stuff.  I'm a little worried about the new magnolia Elizabeth... leaves are curled and sick looking.  The new variegated redbud also has crummy looking leaves.  The new Orange Dream Japanese maple out in the back of the Birch Garden has leaf scorch, but it's not too bad, and it's just the way light colored leaves on Japanese maples are.

The two new hydrangeas, Bluebird and Presioza, both are in full sun and need lots of water, but they're doing ok so far.

Filled the hummingbird feeders today.

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