Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sad Sights

70s today, actually quite cool and damp and breezy.  But any work in the garden kicks up quite a sweat!

I cleaned out stuff today: cut back the fireworks Schubertii dried onion stalks in the front.  Cut back the Angelina sedum flower stalks too, and removed some bad looking aquilegia foliage in the Birch Garden.  I sheared the nepeta in the Birch Garden as well.

Here are some sad sights from the dry-dry hot-hot.
Icky hostas.

My tuliptree on the back hill

The nice (expensive) white oak I got from Bosco's last year

Pin oak out by the road cut

Some things do look okay... I particularly like the Physostegia Miss Manners with the coneflowers behind:

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