Thursday, July 15, 2010


Rain this week - .64 inches the day before and .47 inches last night.  A little over an inch.  So badly needed.  Everything looks better already.  Today is cloudy and wet, in the humid 70s, but no more rain is expected.

I changed pots for the cutting butterfly bush (Blue Chip), and put that in the old orange pot.  For some odd reason the parent plant, still in Northern Exposure, has set no buds at all.  The potted cutting plant is blooming nicely, with small arched branches and deep purple spikes, and yes, lots of butterflies visit it.

I put a new hydrangea in the white pot.  It's a macrophylla mop head, 'Blau Doneau' that was a gift from Sasha at the family party on July 3.  I don't like the big floppy mopheads, but this one does have big balls of color (pink right now), and I need something big and colorful in Meadow's Edge.  This hydrangea gets to about 3 feet, so I'm hoping it will be ok in a pot, and I can move it around the garden where I need color and form.  I put it under the maple in some afternoon shade.  Now it just needs to fill out and we'll see if it works in this container.

I also got a gift caladium from Ellen at the party.  It's 'Red Flash' and has nice red leaves.  I replaced the leggy old bamboo in the dining room and put this nice foliage plant in the Chinese blue pot.  This will stay indoors as a houseplant.

The Rose of Sharon 'White Chiffon' has been blooming for ages now... so early this season!

Daylilies all are blooming.  They are kind of hidden in all the foliage in Meadow's Edge... I wanted more of a drift of color, but up close you can see they are coming out in different colors.  These nice magenta ones are behind one of the winterberries.

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