Tuesday, August 10, 2010


90s again, and hot and sticky. No rain. No rain.

I can't take much more of this summer, and every tree and plant looks so awful.  Only 2 tenths of an inch fell in the last 18 days, and before that we were woefully dry with just half an inch since late June.

The landscape trees around the Common are drooping and parched.  A white pine is brown and dead.  I have watered some of the newer trees and shrubs on our back hill, but can't keep up, and I can't get water to the older trees.  In our yard all the new transplants look horrid, and the birch trees have yellowed and dropped half their leaves.

I think everything in the yard will survive --- I've at least watered on occasion, and the sprinklers are wetting most things.  But the back hill I just can't manage.  Every time I try to do anything in the yard I am miserable in the 90 degree heat and humidity ... even early a.m.

We've had a few rare cooler days that were sparkling and lovely, but then immediately the misery comes back.  And every thunderstorm this season has come in a V shape, with rains to the north in Enfield, and rains to the south along the shore, but an open V of absolutely NO rain over Bloomfield and Hartford.  Every storm has had that open area as the clouds formed and rained all around us but stayed clear above us... it's been so weird as I have tracked each event on radar.

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