Monday, August 9, 2010

A Find

Another hot and humid day in the 90s.  I'm losing interest in the garden as I hunker down inside in the a/c.  Still dry, dry, dry.  No rain and hot winds.

However, I was at Home Depot for an errand and came across a find.  I have wanted an Anemone robustissima since I saw this one at Elizabeth Park, just in bloom in early August.

Gwen has one in her garden and it's pretty, not too big, about 3 feet high, although online research says this gets really really big, to 6 feet high and wide.  Hers is quite a bit smaller, in mostly sun.  The Elizabeth Park one is also small, about 4 feet, in shade.  The grape leaf foliage is nice, especially since this doesn't even start flowering until August, so the foliage has to be of interest!

Home Depot had very nice containers, and I picked one up for $10.99.  I really want to put it at the right corner of the patio wall, peeking out around the edge of the wall and coming up over it.  A big Shasta daisy Becky and some rudbeckia have to come out.  It's a sunny spot, and anemones want shade and moisture, although that may make them bigger and more aggressive.

This one, robustissima, is the most adaptable of the Japanese Anemones. The hardiest and the most tolerant of sun and drier conditions.  Cut it back in fall, as the stems blacken in winter.

I also picked up 3 burgundy colored fiberglass containers that were inexpensive.  I'll put the 3 Beni Kaze grasses in them, lined up along the walk where they were planted.  I'll see if keeping them up out of the garden in containers does anything to deter the damn rabbits.  Look what they've done to the grasses... they have looked like this all season:

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