Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sassafras Reconsidered

Cloudy, breezy, damp, in the 60s.  After all this hot dry summer weather, it was too cool and wet last night to sit on the deck when Phil arrived!  He's here for a few days.  Very atypical conditions!

I put a plastic mesh tube around the linden in the circle today to protect it from antler rub.

I reconsidered where to put the little sassafras.  It really should not have been moved so  close to the house.  When Jim and I were up at the Arnold Arboretum for my birthday Saturday, I saw aged mature sassafras trees and they are beautiful but very big, very rangy and not appropriate so close to the house.

Big old sassafras at Arnold Arboretum
So I moved it (again) to the back of the berm where the blackhaw viburnum had been.

I hope it can survive multiple moves.

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