Friday, August 27, 2010

End of August

Beautiful day, cool, sunny, in the 70s.

With the inch and a half of rain last Sunday (5 days ago) and the cloudy weather since, everything looks good.  The lawn got fertilized last week, so suddenly it's green and lush.

Bartlett came today for their last visit of the season, and although there are mites on the crocosmia and some of the shrubs, all else looked fine.  Chris showed me how to prune the spruce tree next to the front door.  It is getting barrel shaped, it has multiple leaders after this summer's pine weevil (we cut the top off), and it is simply going to get so huge it will cover the entire walkway and then some.  Next week: prune the whole thing pretty severely!

The clematis by the patio came out today.  Although it is reblooming and the flowers looked nice in the dew, I don't like this one (Bee's Jubilee).  The flowers are an indeterminate pink, sometimes purple, that gets really washed out. An aggressive weed of some kind was wrapped up in it, and when I tried to pull the weed, most of the sparse clematis vine came out with it, so I pulled the whole thing.
I want to try Gravetye Beauty there, or another texensis.

I made cuttings today of some favorite perennials.

Lobelia (the red one.  some earlier cuttings that I stuck when I had moved the plant are already taking).  Add more to the back garden
Physostegia Miss Manners.  Add more to the back garden
Bergenia Rosi Klose.  We'll see if they take.
Asclepias.  The orange butterfly weed.  Add more to the drier parts of the back garden.

Tender Perennials
Coleus Chocolate Drop.  Made 12 to winter over inside and then plant as edgers in Spring.
Salvia, both Lady in Red and Black & Blue.  I'll try wintering them inside, and the parent plants I'll put in the unheated garage in their pots.