Thursday, September 2, 2010


Hot, in the mid 90s, very humid, sticky and icky.  Hurricane Earl is coming up the coast, the first hurricane to hit New England since Bob in 1991 (the year we left for the ranch just ahead of Bradley airport closing).

Earl will miss us, but head right over Boston and the Cape.  We should get rain from the edge as it goes by us tomorrow afternoon and evening.  Badly needed rain!

Everything is again so parched and stressed.  The climbing hydrangea is a real mess.

In other news, Ellen Sousa from Turkey Hill Brook Farm e-mailed me that she would like to photograph my yard for a book she is writing on creating wildlife habitats in the suburbs.  She loved my photos from Wordless Weds. last week on Evening Shadows, Morning Mists, and left very nice comments.  I am pretty flattered!  She is coming next week, in the early morning.

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