Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Two Weeks Left

Hot again, for the last several days.  In the 90s, intense sun, too humid to do anything.  We need water again, especially in the heat.  Last rain was the inch and a half we got over a week ago.

Officially we have two weeks left of this season.  It's September 1, and on the 15th we leave for Europe for two weeks, back on October 1.  Where did it go?  Much of it just disappeared into the oppressive heat which came so early in April and never let me really enjoy being outside.  And the total lack of rain made every day a worry about how things were surviving.  Nothing ever really looked great except for a few instances once in a while.

Here's my list of what needs to be done before we leave.  Two weeks to get it done.
  • get the plastic mesh deer protectors on all the back hill trees.  Put one on the new black gum in front as well
  • put little cones of mesh protectors around the Arbor Day saplings and transplanted sassafras on the berm
  • fix the east side faucet
  • spray rabbit repellent just before we go

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