Friday, October 8, 2010

I Have Returned

I'm back from Switzerland and Italy and when we got back I found that the long summer drought had been broken.  Smashed, with almost 4 inches of drenching rain in the days just before we returned.  And then it rained off and on in the week since our return.

The grass is lushly green, everything survived.  There were high winds while we were away: the weather station recorded a max. wind gust of 57 mph!!  The leaves of the smaller more drought stricken trees are all blown down.  The maples on the back hill were so gorgeous at this time last year, but this year they are denuded.  No color out there this year, : (

The sourwood is denuded on half its canopy, although the flower sprays held on.

But all in all the gardens look good.

The Montauk daisies are in full bloom, the only contrast to the reds and rusts in the Birch garden right now.  The two clumps that are in Meadow's Edge are not blooming... too shady?

The Sheffield Pink mums have not yet bloomed, but there are tight buds everywhere.

Deer damage is evident on the ceanothus, New Jersey Tea plants.  Two of the three are chomped.  And one of the Sheffield Pink mums had been oddly pruned:
While I was gone the bulbs I ordered came.  Today was sunny and breezy and finally dry, so I planted them:
100 Galanthus (Snowdrops) under the Crimson Queen Japanese maple in front.
50 Colchicums 'Speciosus Albus' (White fall crocuses) in front near the steps.
12 Tulips 'Groenland' along the front walk.  They are pink with green striations.

I finally like the sedums 'Frosty Morn' that were planted along the front walk.  Last year they were so floppy and a funny dusty color, that I ripped out most, and ended up putting them in Meadow's Edge.  The couple that remained in the front walk are light and pretty and fluffy and adding some brightness this year.  They look much better.

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