Wednesday, November 3, 2010


A hard frost last night.  We've had several very light frosts, but last night was the first real one that coated everything evenly and zapped the tender plants.  The zinnias blackened and the marigolds are gone.  40s today, but sunny and nice.

A beautiful frosty sunrise this morning.  Unfortunately the window glass caught the flash.

I took out the blackened annuals, cleaned up a lot of daylily foliage.

The big baptisia in Northern Exposure still looks good and green, but that will go soon.

I have almost all the containers inside on the porch, but still have a few more to bring in.

Love the amsonia in the low afternoon light.  I just wish the blueberries in front of it would keep their leaves into fall and turn scarlet like the others I have seen.

October Glory is starting to color up now in November, but it's not at its peak yet.  Look how stripped and clean the garden below looks now.

15 years ago today, November 3rd.

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