Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tucking In Plants

Partly sunny today, cold.  In the 50s, quite chilly, but once I got going and moving around it was nice.

I pulled out all the huge parsley "shrubs" around the birdbath today.  What immense root systems they had.  Like trees almost!  What a lovely spicy scent as I crushed the foliage and tore them out and put them on the compost pile.

I pulled in all the containers, and they are all sitting on the porch now.  The amaryllis and the big pot with the hydrangea are in the garage.  The rest are crowded on the glassed-in porch.  We'll see how some of the tender ones overwinter there.

I cleaned up the spent sage blossoms and the sundrops.  The sundrop leaves were a nice red fall color this year.

I tried painting Tanglefoot on the stems of the shrubs that the rabbits and voles gnaw in winter. to deter them. No, no, no.  It was too cold and all I got was stiff gummy glue that would not attach to anything.  I tried microwaving some in a cup, but it got too runny, then solidified again when I went outside.  It must have to be the perfect temperature, and even then it's probably too messy to deal with. 

It did deter the ants from crawling up the hummingbird feeder pole though.

The Espoma gravel in the front walk seems to have deterred any more vole tunnels for now.  I'll have to rely on gravel spread around the vulnerable shrubs.

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