Thursday, December 30, 2010


Cold, in the 20s.  Snow cover from the December 26 monster blizzard is uneven; some areas are blown bare, others are drifted high.  Deer tracks in the snow crisscross the yard in all directions!

Sometimes you need a new perspective on things.  I took my morning coffee up into the guest bedroom in the loft to see the deer tracks from above.  I sat in the chair by the window and studied the little curved garden that I've had such design trouble with ever since I cut this arc by the west walk last summer:

I wanted to add an "anchor" tree to complete the allee look along the walk, but couldn't decide on anything or on placement, and I didn't want another mixed border with random stuff in it.  

My idea this morning: put in a hedge of 'Tardiva' panicle hydrangeas, in a gentle curve mirroring the curve of the walk and the garden along the walk.  Nothing else, just the hedge.

I love the look of this, but didn't want a hedge up against the house, or any more lines of plants ringing the perimeter of the yard.  I already have one Tardiva in this curved bed, to complement the limbed up "standard" one by the hatch door.  Just add more and I'll have the look of the soft fluffy line of hydrangeas, with more cohesion along the walk.  The west walk right now has jumbled plants -- very nice-- but this will add soothing repetition and a clean line.

Maybe extend the curve a little, move the iris and veronica that are sitting there now, and put in a single curved line of panicle hydrangeas.

Here were a few at Farmington Valley Nursery last spring, just lined up in pots, and I liked the look so much I took a picture of them.  I forget which cultivar.  I guess I don't have to repeat the 'Tardiva"... I could get another.

Hmmm, really loving this idea right now.  Simple.  Elegant.  No jumble of mixed plants.

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