Monday, December 27, 2010


After weeks without snow, and no white Christmas, the day after Christmas hammered us with a nor'esaster.  A true blizzard.

Howling winds, metal gray gloom, snow blasting sideways, bitter temps.  The whole northeast is a disaster!

We did not lose power thankfully, and Jim got us snowblowed out, with help from Tom who did the hand shoveling, and even seemed to enjoy it!  Tom and Joanna got outside and she got to experience snow.

Greg had headed down to NY on the 26th just before the storm, assuming he could get his 6 p.m. flight to Denver.  We took him to the train in New Haven, but even before he got to Grand Central, his flight had been canceled, and rebooked.... to Tuesday!  He spent last night in a hotel, and now, with the storm abated, Tom & Joanna drove down to NY and connected with Greg.  So he'll stay with them at her apartment until he can get his flight on Tuesday.  NYC is  BIG Mess... not only canceled flights, but subways and buses and trains all stopped and stuck.  A real blizzard show stopper, compounded by everyone traveling after Christmas.

But at least we had a great Christmas... lots of food and wine, and both boys here, and lots of talk and future plans.  A great holiday.

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