Friday, September 28, 2012

Orange Eyed Swan

A lotta rain today.  Going on an inch of soaking gentle rain, and it hasn't quite stopped yet.

I love my orange eyed funny basket swan with these delightful pansies that match his eyes. Remind me to get more of this color next year too.

And there are more pops of orange from the nasturtiums climbing through the inkberry hollies and into the plumbagos.

Too much orange? Here's some rich purple in the meadow.

And the reds are starting to happen.  The sumacs are some of the first to color up on the hillside.

The zinnias get better looking as fall comes on.

The iteas in the Birch Garden are more mahogany than garnet red this season. Iris Immortality is a nice white pop against the deep red.

Still raining. Still coming down hard.