Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Muddy Garden Edging

After such glorious, sunny, cool days all through September, the month ended with several days of gloom and a downpour on Sunday that gave us half an inch of hard rain.

October has started gloomy as well, and rainy.

Both clematis vines are back in bloom -- Henryii out front, and Alba Luxurians by the patio wall.

Alba Luxurians

In between rain drops I fussed with re-edging the garden in front of Meadow's Edge. I softened some of the sharp curves and tried to round the ends more.

It was muddy, hard work.  Surprisingly, a lot of sod must be removed just to round out the edges.  More to do.  It still isn't right yet.

The whole garden needs more width, a bigger footprint. Eventually the grass path between it and the front of Meadow's Edge will become a real path. That space will be a short woodland walk, hemmed on both sides by gardens and shaded by trees.
The curve looks okay from the patio straight on, but lengthwise it's still not right