Thursday, September 20, 2012

Spectacular September

We had rain and a lot of wind two days ago, with a soaker of over an inch to make everything look good.  Now the sun is out, it is cool, and September continues to be spectacular.

The wind knocked over the Karl Foerster grasses that I had moved from Meadow's Edge to the back of that garden.

They are tall, they had shallow roots, and I couldn't dig among the roots of the river birch, so they were barely planted, mounded up with some compost, and left to their own devices.  The wind got them.  But I jimmied them back up, and we'll see if the roots take.

Same with the new red oaks I planted.  They are tall and skinny and whippy, and got uprooted in the wind, but after the storm I tamped the rootball back down firmly into the wet soil.  Now I need the roots to grow and stabilize these whips.

I took out the kiwi vines today.  The male plants never grew by the patio wall (too shady, too wet, too something.)  The females grew wonderfully by the deck, but they do not get as much leaf tip coloring as the males, and were just uninteresting.

Green enough, nice enough, an occasional pink tipped leaf in spring, a few grape sized kiwi fruits, but I decided to remove them and put in a big dramatic (rampant??) sweet autumn clematis.  Fragrant, showy, it will cover the whole deck railing and then some.

It's another white flowered plant, and I have so many.  In fact it is right by the white flowered Rose of Sharon which has been blooming nonstop for a month or more now.  But they are tiny star-like flowers, very different in texture from the Rose of Sharon, and the pink turtlehead is a nice offset, blooming at the same time.

I also planted the Opuntia prickly pear cactus in the gravel today.

The poor thing is all keeled over. It was too wet in the pot when I bought it, and quite waterlogged.  Hopefully in the gravel (and I added leveling sand and cactus planting mix) it will set upright a bit.

September has been just delightful so far, and I putter and sit and enjoy the gorgeous weather. Even the two days of rain and wind were good, as we needed the rain.

A potted mum by the patio --- lovely!