Sunday, September 16, 2012

I Bought a Tree

So far September has been cool and sunny and spectacular.  Day after day of pleasant, beautiful weather, in the 70s.

At Kevin's nursery I found a red buckeye -- Aesculus pavia -- and I bought it.  It's already coloring for fall.

I had seen a beautiful one on a garden tour in Amenia, and Margaret Roach had one too.  It was early May and both specimens I saw were in bloom. Nice.

I knew I had to have one! But I could not find one in any nurseries, not even at Garden in the Woods, where they had interesting woodland natives.  But here was a good sized one at Kevin's and it was affordable and a size I could plant myself.  Perfect.

But where to put it?

At first I thought out by the line of bottlebrush buckeyes, in the distance, off center to the line of shrubs.  It would be in the distance, and it would "coordinate" with the other buckeyes.

But I'm not sure.  I don't really want another tree in the middle of lawn, and I am iffy about using it with the other buckeyes.  Too much yellow in fall perhaps? And out there it adds to the sense of trees circling the perimeter of the property.

So now I am thinking to put it by the gravel garden, and complete the "allee" from the driveway looking back to the maple in the back yard, completing the row with the paperbark maple, the stewartia, then the red buckeye further down.  See it?

In fall there would be rusty orange from the paperbark, brilliant red (the stewartia), and a pop of bright yellow opening out into the yard.

But it would be rather intensely planted in that whole area. All the trees and shrubs there would become one big mass as they gain size.  Crowded?  Or beautifully shady and artistically overhanging the walk as they get tall?

Should I put it beyond the end of the gravel, next to the hydrangea, which will grow up quite large under and around it? I'll have to keep the buckeye limbed up to pass under it and to get it above the hydrangea. That grassy strip between the hydrangea and the path needs to go in any event.

Or put it on the other side of the entrance into the gravel garden, and keep it within the strip along the walk? I'll still need to keep it limbed up.

What to do?