Friday, October 26, 2012

Autumn Has Peaked

Fall colors reached their peak in the past few days and now some trees and shrubs are starting to look bare. It's been cool and gloomy, in the 50s with just a few spots of sunny skies for days.

Eye surgery went well, and all is clearer now.  But my glasses need to be changed so sharpness and focus will still be off until I can get a new prescription (in a few weeks!!)

The yellowroot looks great this year, very coppery gold.

The itea has been scarlet for weeks now, and seems to become a clearer garnet color the later it gets. And although the birches aren't the twinkly yellow I expected, it is nice to see rich golden color this year for the first time.

The Gro Low fragrant sumac plants that were planted two years ago are coloring beautifully this fall.  The younger plants don't show the fall color, but the older ones do.

And the Raydon's Favorite asters!  Wow.

The maples in the yard are coloring, and the fothergillas -- seems early for both, which typically turn in November.