Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Can't Get Enough

I just cannot get enough of the little sourwood now.  When I look out the bathroom window, there it is glowing red. Wow.

Unbelievable. And I was so concerned this spring when I moved it, but it seems to be the best thing I ever did for this tree.

A look down the walk toward the big floppy miscanthus grass:

I spent yesterday cleaning the bittersweet off the trees on the back hill.  Got stung by a yellowjacket on the top of my hand (right through the glove) and it hurts a lot, even a day later.

I used to know each and every inch of the back hill and each sapling out there, but now it has grown so and is a jungle.  I used to get out there and cut back emerging bittersweet off saplings my height.  Now it's an operation to get at giant vines strangling large trunks and climbing into trees way over my head.

I thought in the first years that I could keep at the vines and cut them back over and over to have some control.  I didn't think I could eliminate all the invasive growth, but with diligence and frequent chopping, and painting the cut stems with Vinex, I could keep it from overtaking.

Well, that's not happening.  It's way worse than ever, despite my early efforts.  Way worse.

There is nothing I can do but pull off the largest vines that are choking the trees and growing into the bark.  It's something, but it's not control.