Thursday, October 18, 2012

Drive By Garden

Cold and sunny today, temps in the 50s, but with no wind at all, it was really pleasant working in the garden.  It was in the 30s this morning, but no frost.

I am not happy with the Drive By Garden, and ended up moving the doublefile viburnum exactly 18 inches over.  Really.
I know everything needs to fill in here, but it's not arranged the way I wanted.

A couple years ago I did that with the one in Meadow's Edge too, and it set it back a year, but to no ill effect after that.  This one moved a little easier --- it's still just a small shrub from a rooted cutting that Cyndy gave me.

In the space it occupied I want to put in a taller tree (hmm, what to plant??) that will offer more screening of the house next door, and more definition to the back of this garden.

I also dug up one of the aromatic sumacs that was crowded under the birch tree.  There were two there, and really only room for one.  It came out pretty roughly, all the roots chopped and all the dirt fell away. I moved it to the Drive By Garden, but I may have done it in.

I took out one of the sumacs, they were getting crowded under
the junipers to the right
The river birches have turned bright yellow, very beautiful, although the one on the right of the berm is later to color, since it gets more moisture.

All of the transplanted blueberries are a beautiful vivid red now. It helped to move them to the more open spot in front of Meadow's Edge.