Saturday, October 6, 2012

Minor Changes

Warm and humid today, in the upper 70s. A brief interlude between showers and fog from the last several days, with more coming tomorrow.

I finished edging the garden in front of Meadow's Edge and I planted the blueberry that had been in a container on the patio all summer.  I love the low, tidy shape and beautiful fall color of this vaccinium. It is 'Northcountry' (the others are 'Northblue').

In the container it produced almost no fruit this year. Maybe in the ground, nearer the others it will produce next year.

I do like the way it now anchors the front curve of this strip, in front and below the rosemary.

I moved the Jackmanii clematis out of its pot on the patio as well, and planted it inside the iron tower.  There are no live stems or buds.  Hmmm.  But the root ball was huge and quite heavy.  We'll see if it comes back in spring, but I have doubts.  Both of the other clematis vines are reblooming now, full and lush after being cut all the way back in summer.

I dug out (ripped up is more like it) a couple little trailers of the amsonia Blue Ice that were growing under the doublefile viburnum, and put them in the bare mulch in front of the four blueberries.  Now that I have edged the garden wider, there was empty space, and since there is a nice low amsonia on one side, I hope these additions will fill out and balance the other side under the blueberries.

Amsonia is the worst to dig up, even little tiny pieces like these.

Rabbits ate all the turtlehead seedlings that I had added in front of the larger stand in Meadow's Edge, and the ones I added to the east side of the deck. All gone, although they have not touched the mature large stand.