Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Drippy, Drippy

More rain.

In this gloom, Jim finally got a good picture of the crystalline white iris 'Immortality', dripping wet.  You need really low light to get any detail in this bloom.

This is pretty cool -- the spicebush is turning clear yellow, hiding at the back of the spruce berm.  Even in the drippy dark light, it glows.

The ground is squishy wet, and droplets cling to all the plants.

The Autumn Joy sedum is a rich rosy red now.

Albury Purple St. Johnswort always holds even the merest drops of water, and glistens when there is heavy rain.

The New Jersey Tea shrubs are blooming again, with miniature white lilac-shaped flowers.  There are only three or four little cones on the shrub, so it's hardly noticeable, but up close, dripping wet, it's cute.