Friday, November 23, 2012

An Early Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was early this year. The day was sunny and mild, in the 50s.

I was surprised when I took a tour of the yard that the zenobia I transplanted under the blackhaw viburnum has turned a gorgeous rich russet. It usually keeps its glaucus blue-green leaves well into winter, but this year it is golden and coppery.

But I could not get a good picture of it. The russet brown  fleeceflower below does not offer enough contrast to take a good picture.

It's a really beautiful color and it has shaped up into a round but loose shrub. This is the older of the zenobias, the original one I planted. I'm really pleased with it.

The two others that are under the birch tree by the patio are still blue green (one has serious leaf spot) and are not very shapely yet. Maybe zenobias take three or four years to look like anything.

The other wonderful surprise is how beautiful the comptonia is in fall. It has kept its feathery leaves and they have turned golden. This small shrub also has formed a nice shape, kind of umbrella like.

I'm really pleased with this too. It has shaped up within a single season, and in future years I think it will get quite big.

In some light the golden color of the comptonia is really deep rust red.