Saturday, November 17, 2012

Outdoors Again

50s today, but sunny and still, so the cool weather was very nice.

Despite my lack of motivation over the past days, I did get out and re-edge at least one spot that needed it. I expanded the edge under the doublefile viburnum. Wet, muddy work -- the ground is quite saturated.

It doesn't look much different, but I did take out a lot of sod around the curve, under the low spreading branches. And lost the Cobrahead tool in the process. One minute I had it, the next I could not find it anywhere.  Grrr.

I cleaned up the front walk, chopping off the kinnikinnik and creeping sedum runners that had edged out over the sidewalk. Jim needs those cleared for the snowblower.

Then I tackled a job I've wanted to do all summer. I pruned the Crimson Queen Japanese maple. I took off easily a third of the branches, some quite large. With the leaves mostly gone, I could get in there, but without the fullness of the tree in leaf, it is hard to know what I did.

The trunk is not very attractive, especially since the split is held together with a screw, the damaged trunk is deformed, and there is still glue residue on the wound. Highlighting the gracefulness of the trunk isn't working here, it's a mess.

But I don't want the big purple haystack that this weeping maple can be, unpruned, so I wanted to lighten the look, open it up, and see what I get.

There is some interesting curviness with the branches. You can see cut marks where I took off limbs. I really hope I get a nice, interesting, curved and structural look with this tree next spring when it leafs out.

You can't see in the photo above, but snowdrops have come up! Little tiny white snowdrops are in bud, rising up out of the leaf litter behind the maple. Really.

The Ogon spirea is golden now, but it sort of blends in with the brown grasses in the meadow behind.

It finally felt good to be outside all afternoon today.