Wednesday, November 7, 2012

But . . it's only early November

Bwaaa. The clocks turned back last weekend so it gets dark early now.

It froze hard again a few days ago and the hoses weren't turned off. The one on the east side popped and water gushed from it the other day. Disaster.

The hose by the potting bench froze solid.

Then it snowed today. Very cold, very slippery wet snow, but blowing hard. It is 30 degrees this afternoon and whiteness is swirling and sticking at the same time. Kind of impossible, but this is a cold nor'easter, a week after Superstorm Sandy hit us.  Sheesh.

I am not going to get the beautiful fire red color in mid November on the maples in the yard this year. Most trees have lost their leaves, but not the maples or the Bloodgood Japanese maple yet.

I did not finish the fall clean up chores.  In fact the screens are not down yet, and I am looking at winter snow through screened doors and windows.

Like I said, bwaaaa.