Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fothergillas Ablaze

In the 50s today, all is calm now after the massive storm.

But it blew down a lot of leaves, and I think the beautiful red maples in the yard, which color up so spectacularly in mid November, will not have enough leaves left for any kind of show. They are dropping already.

But the fothergillas are awash in kaleidoscope colors.

The witch hazels have turned yellow, but in fits and starts, with very odd effect. Both the vernalis, and the hybrid 'Diane' next to it show this mix of green, yellow, and some dead brown.

And here are even more shots of the beautiful fothergillas.  The one under the guest room window is spectacular this year, with more room and sun now that the redbud that shaded and crowded it is gone.

The high winds knocked over the Sheffield mums and the asters, but the grasses and the amsonias look unscathed, with no flopping at all.