Friday, November 16, 2012

I Should Be Edging

I've been hunkered inside since the beginning of November. I've gone out to clean up perennials a bit, and snip a few things back, but not to do much more than that. I've been inside with the heat on, complaining I can't get warm enough.

And yet the cool weather outside is comfortable to do some digging without overheating, the partly cloudy grayish skies won't bake me, and the ground is soft and damp, easy to work. Leaves are down and I can see what needs doing. It's perfect conditions for getting at the one project I have been putting off -- expanding the edges of several gardens.

Why don't I get out there and do it?

I know which areas I want to expand. The curve under the doublefile viburnum needs to be expanded, the whole strip of ground under the buckeyes does too.  Around the patio needs to be enlarged.  The gardens under the white birches need to be brought out into the yard a bit more.

Just small adjustments to each area, but it involves digging and hauling away the strips of sod. Dirty work, hands and knees work, up and down work.

I think I lost my ooomph when I was resting up after my eye surgery and didn't go out to do much. Then it snowed. Then fall seemed to be gone by.

But I need to get my big girl garden pants on and get out there!