Monday, February 18, 2013

Annuals for 2013

Here are the annuals I ordered:

Dichondra Silver Falls
For the urn container in the front walk. Ordered from Avant Gardens. I like the cool dusty blue with the red brick and the deep red container.

Nicotiana alata
I had these before and they were beautiful. Tried the green and pink ones and they succumbed to some kind of wilt. The white alata had no problems. Around the Patio or in the gravel garden.
Whiteflower Farm Nicotiana alata

Salvia guaranitica
I always like Black & Blue sage. Possibly in a container, or somewhere in the gravel garden. Ordered from Avant Gardens.

Alternanthera ficoides Red Threads
I like this in the big bowl on the deck with herbs or lettuce. I got it last year at Warner's.
This year I ordered one from Avant Gardens.

Plectranthus Mona Lavender
In a container somewhere in shade, either on the deck or in Meadow's Edge? Last year I looked all over for it, this year I ordered one from Avant Gardens.
Avant Gardens Plectranthus Mona Lavender

Cosmos Chocomocha
In any one of the sunny gardens? I got this from Avant Gardens.
Avant Gardens Cosmos Chocomocha
(Here's what they say about it:
A flower the color of rich cocoa and a scent to match.
Will flower, but not in great abundance at first. Save the enlarged tubers for future seasons, for an increasing display in years to come.)

Angelonia Archangel Purple
I love angelonias, and got some purple ones from Whiteflower Farm. They will go in the front of the Birch Garden and match nicely with the bright purple Nicky phlox. I'll add others in different colors if I find them at the nurseries this spring. They bloom on and on for me all summer.
From Whiteflower Farm

Along with the annual seeds I'll be starting, there should be plenty of bloom and color for containers or for odd spots in the garden this year.