Saturday, February 16, 2013

Seeds for 2013

Here are the seeds I am planting this year:

From Select Seeds
California poppies Golden West
(Eschscholzia Californica) along the gravel garden border. I saw the orange ones in a raised stone wall at North Hill in Vermont, and they glowed!

Sow directly (they won't transplant well). 14 - 28 days germinate / 10 weeks seed to bloom.

Shear after they set seed, and they will rebloom.

Nasturtium Variegated Queen
(Tropaeoleum majus) to climb the twig towers. These trail to 6 feet.

I really wanted the pale yellow ones 'Moonlight' that I grew last year, but they were not as trailing as I wanted, really mounders, and most of the seed catalogs did not describe them as trailing nasturtiums.

These might be a tad bright, especially with the cream and white foliage. But you can't go wrong with any nasturtiums.  Sow directly.

Salvia Hummingbird
(Salvia coccinea) to put beneath the hummingbird feeder. I had loved the big stand of Lady in Red that grew there in 2011.

I really have little room there any more, with the comptonia now below the feeder and the clematis grown in.

But these only get 1.5 feet tall, which seems smaller than the Lady in Reds were.  Start indoors.

I laso got a packet of Butterfly Weed - Asclepias tuberosa to add to the spot where I had tried to transplant the one from Meadow's Edge at the end of the gravel garden border.

From Summerhill
Dahlia Black Beauty
These are going in several containers to be placed all over.

I saw these in the annual garden beds at Elizabeth Park, all massed together. They were a rosier deep red, not so chocolate colored, but very rich.

Start indoors.

Zinnia Cherry and Ivory Swizzle
They grow only a foot tall, so they'll be easy to tuck into spots in each garden that need some color.

Start indoors.

Morning Glory Blue Picotee
This vine should trail about 5 feet, and it is supposed to be good for hanging baskets.

I'll put it in the container on the iron stand that sits on the deck, and let it drape over.

Start indoors.

From Botanical Interests:
Marigold Signet Lemon / Tangerine Gems
(Tagetes tenuifolia)

These orange and yellow dwarf marigolds will go in the smaller pots I have, and I'll put them on the wall around the patio.

They are little and delicate (and edible!)  Sow them outside in the pots they'll grow in.

Lobelia Trailing Regatta Rose
(Lobelia erinus)
I thought I'd put these in containers around the gravel garden and let them drape over the sides.

The vivid sapphire color of the upright lobelia I had last year was great.  I'm not sure how this pink will look, or if it's even pink or magenta.

Sow indoors.

Poppies Lauren's Grape
(Papaver somniferum)

Not sure where to put these, maybe out in the front walk for spring bloom.

Sow outside, they won't transplant well.

I also got Zinnia Cut & Come Again, my old favorites, that I will plant in spots around the garden. I'll start these outdoors where they will grow.