Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Closing out February

The month is almost over. It is ending with gray, drippy, cold wet rain. A day to stay indoors.

As March arrives, I feel like I have run out of time!  Although I did get all the Inventory posts updated over the winter, and I did some clean up in Aperture.

I did get seeds ordered, and my basement station for seed starting is ready to go.

I did order all the plants and annuals I want to put in containers and in the gardens this year.

I did organize the trees I want to plant.  I have dithered and dithered about putting in a Bracken's Brown magnolia. The fact that I am waffling on it means I probably should not plant one. Too southern, not the right fit for the more woodsy look I am going for here, even though I really love the tree and would like to have one.  Just not sure where to put it.

What I do know is that I want sweet birches, a hophormbeam, blue beeches, all out in the meadow, and they are either on order from Forestfarm or I will get them from Broken Arrow. And I will get a parrotia Vanessa and a styrax to add to the yard, also from Broken Arrow.

I've contacted Bartlett to put in another black gum to pair with the other in the front yard. A big, specimen tree.

Now it's going to get busy in March.

On the 2nd I have a Hort Society all day symposium. Then from March 5 - 7 Jane and I will be at the Philadelphia Flower Show. That should be a real treat, I'm looking forward to the trip and the experience.

Then I need to start some of the seeds.

I will need to contact Broken Arrow to order the plants I want to get -- I can pick them up by appointment or wait until April 1 when they open.

At some point in March we'll start to get warmer weather. The cedar storage shed needs to be assembled, the arch and gate for the kiwi vine does too. The garage needs cleaning and organizing.

Too soon I'll be running out of time!