Monday, March 4, 2013

March Bluster

Cold and windy and partly cloudy. The temperatures were in the 30s today and the wind was gusting. Not a day to go outside, but I finally had to.

I think we have decided not to move the a/c units.  If we leave them where they are, the grasses have to be removed. They block air circulation and caused us problems last summer.

So they will come out. These are Panicum 'North Wind' and they were great screens last summer, but really were too crowded, and not looking very upright this winter. Out. Out.

And then we will see the units along the walk, but, well, so what.

The three soldiers at the back of Meadow's Edge, also Panicum 'North Wind', look upright and wonderful lined up in a row. Those are keepers.

Surprisingly, the big miscanthus by the garage door also looks good after a winter of snow and wind.

In the cold blustery wind, I did some pruning, but it was hard maneuvering in the snow. Not that it's deep, but it is just hard to get your footing.

I pruned the blue hollies for shape.  I did two of the four today. Here they are, with the clippings still strewn about.  I like to keep them pyramidical.

They look stiff now, but as spring comes and they loosen up a bit, it's a good look.

I also pruned the Viburnum prunifolium. That sharply angled branch bothered me, and I really do want to take off the lower branches to keep this a small tree.

An improvement? Not sure. The angled trunk had some interest. But this will give it a more vase shape, sort of.

I took off another branch above on the right too. It is such a dense twiggy viburnum, that come summer I may never notice that any branches came off, but I do hope it gives it a more elegant, open shape.

I need to prune the one by the side of the house too. At least the lower branch on the left has to come off.  What to do about some of the upper branches? Keep the curving one on the left or remove it? Take out the strong upright in the middle to open it up?

It was too cold and windy to stay out much longer today, so any more late winter pruning will have to wait.