Sunday, February 10, 2013

Negative Temps

It was minus 2 degrees this morning. That's the first time we have had sub zero temperatures for a long time, several years I think.

Any tender plants that are 3 feet tall or less are completely encased in snow, nice and cozy in these negative temps!

The sun came out and with all the snow covering everything, and no break in the whiteness from shrubs or features in the yard, it's just a sea of eye-blinding white.

The poor Japanese maple in front is buried!

It will be a while before this all goes away. Here's a view from last night, after the storm, looking across the cul de sac to Olmsted's mailbox:

Roads are getting cleared, but our street is still pretty impassable, although the plow did come through. Dynamic could not plow our driveway and had to have Peter from Bluestone come over with the pay loader and scoop the stuff out.  What a mess.