Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Thinking . . part three: New Trees

Here are the new trees I am thinking of planting in spring 2013:

> A second black gum, Nyssa sylvatica, in the front yard behind the mailbox. A match to the one on the right in the front yard.

Symmetry, structure, fall color, clean look. Have Bartlett select and plant it.

> A parrotia, Parrotia persica 'Vanessa', at the back of the Drive By Garden for some screening of the neighbors house (well, a vertical accent, distracting the eye).

Narrow, beautiful, fall color, woodsy look. Small enough for that location. Broken Arrow has a 5 gallon.

> A hophornbeam, Ostrya virginiana, behind the spruce berm, at the left corner of the compost hedgerow. It's interesting, so I want to see it up close, but not in the yard.

Shade tree to hide the roofline of the house on Wadhams. Hop-like bracts are nice. Coarse tree, not great for the yard, may hold leaves in winter, gets large.  Forestfarm has this.

> A grove of three blue beeches, Carpinus caroliniana, out at the road cut where the other trees shade quite a bit.

Screening, a grove effect, fills that corner. Known as musclewood -- sinewy trunks, can be multi-stemmed.  Will grow in the shade there. Broken Arrow has 3 gallon plants.

> Three sweet birches, Betula lenta, scattered at the base of the back hill to fill gaps.

Adds nice yellow fall color in with the maples out there.  I lost all three that I planted in years past, but want to try again. Forestfarm has these.


I'm not so sure about the Bracken's Brown Beauty magnolia grandiflora. I love it, such a gorgeous tree, and narrow enough for a spot in one of the gardens.

But I am having a hard time picturing where to put it --

 --- thinking.