Sunday, March 10, 2013

March Chores Have Started

Still cold, still too much snow on the ground to walk around much, but March chores have started.

It has been in the 40s but sunny and still, so I could do some cutting back and cleaning up and pruning and it was really comfortable.

But the wet ground means I really should stay off the yard and out of the garden. Nevertheless I puttered around:

I pruned the rest of the hollies on the berm. They don't look much different but I took a ton of branches off and sheared for shape.

I pruned the viburnum on the west walk, trying to get a nicer branching pattern and keep the biggest branches away from the walk.

The grasses will go. I'll do that this week. They are so unkempt now, and this spring they will not only be cut back, but will be taken out to free up space around the air conditioning units. It will be a much different look along the walk then.

I cut down the amsonias in back, and the Hubrichtii amsonia in front. I tidied up the front walk where I could work in the sunshine along the walk without getting into the soggy yard.

The Kent Beauty oregano in pots on the porch is sprouting. Not sure the plumbagos made it, nothing to show in their pots yet.

I pruned the spicebush shrubs along the back of the berm, and brought the pruned stems in to force.

Jim and I watched two crows harass two hawks right over our heads in the front yard. It was quite a dive bombing battle, full of noisy caws and shrieks. The crows did drive the annoyed hawks away.
Not my picture. This is from NowPublic Photos

Oh, and I started seeds earlier this week. I have a station set up with lights in the basement this year. So far I started just the butterfly weed, which takes 20 days to come up. I'll start the others soon.

And Daylight Saving Time started today. The clocks are now an hour ahead, the late afternoon and evenings will be lighter now. It's started . . .   spring will be here soon.