Thursday, March 14, 2013

Too Cold to Do Anything

Very cold and windy today. It never got above the low 30s and there was a bitter wind. A nasty day.

I decided to do some garage cleanup anyway. Cold weather is good for that, and I really want to prepare the area around the door for painting when it's warmer. I am going to paint the door black and make the entry we use every day look a little less like coming in through a greasy machine shop.
This is the idea -- from Houzz
Jim wasn't ready to have any of the junk accumulated by the door moved, and insisted I leave piles of his stuff where he could decide later what to do with it. Later. Not today. Okay.

I tried to take off the strip of pegs on the railing by the door, to get that area ready for painting later, but he didn't want me using a screwdriver to undo the screws. He told me twice I had to get the heavy drill out and do it a different way and on the third demand he got really edgy about it (just three easy screws to take out -- do I really need a power tool?), and I realized I wasn't going to keep him calm while I was "doing stuff" in the garage.

Which was the real issue, not whether I should use a screwdriver for such a simple job.

Whatever way I attempt to do projects drives him crazy. I don't select or use tools the way he does, whether it is garden projects in the yard or simple home fixes inside.
Another picture of what I want, but not black steps.
I have a white decal that says Welcome 

I know he thinks I am a total home repair / gardening klutzoid.

In the yard I've tried explaining that I can't handle the big shovel, I just don't have the upper body strength, but by using a small transplant shovel while on my knees, I can get some leverage even if it takes longer to dig a good hole. But I am not digging it the right way, and that upsets him. He has to tell me to put my tools away and go get the right ones. Or just let him dig the hole as it should be done.

I am happy as a clam removing sod with a Cobrahead claw in small patches, and hauling away the clods in a bucket. He insists I have to go get the edger to cut out square sod patches and then use a shovel to dig them up. It's much harder for me that way, but it is the right method to remove sod.

If I'm using a bucket to haul away weeds, he will tell me I need to use the wheelbarrow instead.

If I'm moving one bag of mulch at a time, he will come out to insist I should instead lift them up into the John Deere trailer, and open up all the bags into a pile in the tractor bed.

Since I can't begin to lift the heavy bags into the raised bed of the trailer, and shoveling it all out from the height of the bed is impossible, he has to do it for me, but that is how it is best done.

If I am spreading compost with my hands, kneeling, he insists I should be shoveling it and using a rake.

He is a big help with all my projects, he's very good about jumping in to work alongside me in the yard, which I really, really appreciate.

But it frustrates him that I don't work using sensible, appropriate methods. It certainly frustrates me to be so incompetent.

I feel embarrassed and I must look foolish, sometimes using tools meant for other tasks, and usually adapting a method that's easier for me to handle, rather than doing it the right way.

So . . . frustration today. My "clean up the garage door area for painting when it gets warmer" project wasn't done right. After he had to demand three times that I use the drill instead of a screwdriver to take out the screws, I had to stop and let Jim take over to do it properly, and he really didn't see the need to do it at all.

Besides, it was too cold out there to clean things up today anyway.

Too cold for gardening. Too cold to think about organizing the garage. Too cold to paint the door area and too cold to try to get ready to do it.

I went in and took a long nap.  I do that competently.