Sunday, March 17, 2013

No Let Up

Sometimes March gives us a sunny, calm day, and you can feel spring coming. You can spend a day outside doing chores, and the ground starts to soften in exposed areas.

This year there has been no let up from the cold and the wind.

For days now it has been in the 20s at night, and only in the 30s in the daytime with a stiff breeze. The ground remains frozen in most places.

Next week looks to be the same, although snow is forecast for midweek.

There is just no warm break to encourage any outside work, it's too wet or frozen to do much, and it's wearing on me. I want to get some things started!

A few hopeful signs are the royal purple iris reticulatas just coming up, and snowdrops, which have been blooming for a while now.

And the pink Dawn viburnum wants to open, as the bright yellow Cornus mas does. Soon!

I know this is typical March weather, or at least freezing nights with days in the low 40s are. And of course last March was abnormally warm. But I would like just a little let up in the steady parade of cold temps.

Just a day or two to be outside comfortably and to make me feel spring is coming soon!